Wholesome foods, carbon-neutral & a waste free world

We only have one planet, so we have to protect it. Since the beginning, it has been Scoop Wholefood's mission to have a positive impact on our environment. From the products we sell to the electricity that powers our stores our aim is to minimise our impact at each step.

Our Health

Premium quality produce at affordable prices

We began Scoop Wholefoods with the objective to make natural and organic wholefoods more affordable. We offer Australia's most unique range of products, sourcing from Australia's best growers and importing the world's best produce.

Our Planet

Safeguarding our planet for future generations

We are committed to going beyond the norms for sustainable businesses. Each product that we sell has been carefully selected for both its environmental and health benefits. Our packaging is either biodegradable or made from recyclable materials and can be reused time and time again to refill in-store.

Our Carbon Neutral Plan

Carbon Neutral by 2025

All of our stores are powered by 100% green & carbon neutral energy. Our goal, in line with our customers commitment to Scoop Wholefoods is to be a completely carbon neutral business by 2025.

Our Impact

Paving the way for environmentally responsible shopping

We are proud to support over 100 suppliers that are invested in responsible and ethical production. This includes minimal packaging where possible, sustainable ingredients and social enterprise efforts. In addition, the materials used to build our stores are either recycled or sourced from sustainable materials.

Our Impact

Made to last and to reuse again and again

Ever since our opening, we have always recycled and re-used the packaging that our products were delivered in. We work with our suppliers to recycle and reuse the larger containers we receive our products in. In addition, we have also partnered with timber manufacturer DTM to ensure the materials used to build our stores are made to last and come from sustainable sources.

Our Partners

Supporting organisations that better our environment

We are proud to support several non-profit organisations and participate in various community projects. Scoop Wholefoods has planted over 1200 trees to date. Our partners include Half Cut, Seabin Project and various local community organisations.