Frequently asked questions

I want to cook with your products but don’t know where to start. I’ve never seen or used some of these products before. Do you have any recipes available?

We are always excited to hear this question as it gives us the opportunity to introduce new customers to the Scoop Wholefoods world and it’s endless and exciting possibilities. We love inspiring our customers to not only waste less and shop plastic free but to create new recipes using our carefully curated wide range of bulk wholefoods.

Everything is available on the Scoop Wholefoods App/Website. On the App/Website you will not only find lots of recipes using our products but also a list of all the bulk products we sell in store with information about each one, including the country of origin, ingredients, nutritional panel and ideas on how to use it.  Also included is each three digit product code in case you ever need to check which item you purchased, for example 113 = Dry Roasted Almonds. You can also keep up to date with new products and recipes via our social media pages.

Why don’t you sell ground spices and superfood powders in bulk?

From our research we find that selling ground powders in bulk bins will destroy the flavour and nutritional benefit of these products as they slowly oxidise over time. In order to maintain their quality we always sell them in air-tight glass jars. Preserving the quality also means you will only need to use small quantities at a time due to the potency, hence lasting you much longer and therefore more economical.

For a waste free option we encourage customers to clean their empty jars and bring them back in store to refill with any of our hundreds of bulk products.  

Are your bulk products free from cross contamination?

Due to the concept of our store ALL bulk products can have traces of ALL allergens at ALL times. At Scoop Wholefoods we have strict hygiene and quality control standards, however, there is always a chance of cross contamination. You will see clear signage throughout the store to be mindful of allergens including gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, pollen and sesame. We kindly warn all customers who are highly sensitive to any of these allergens or who may be concerned about potential traces of cross contamination not to purchase form our bulk bins.

Can I buy your products online?

Currently, we don’t offer online purchasing for our products as we feel that it contradicts with our zero waste mission ethos of encouraging customers to bring in their own containers to purchase the exact quantities they need. When we find an avenue to offer online shopping that aligns with our zero waste values we will look into it further, but so far none of the available options fit the brief of our expectations. Sometimes sustainability and the desire to look after our planet must override convenience.

Do you have a Membership / Loyalty Programme?

We began Scoop Wholefoods with the objective to make natural and organic wholefoods more affordable. Our aim is to offer honest pricing based on the high quality products that we source. For this reason we believe that these types of programmes/memberships are not necessary when your prices are very competitive.  The pricing of our products will vary throughout the year subject to changes such as availability depending on seasons, especially since we are dealing with natural products.

We monitor this closely to ensure our customers are always paying the right price according to these changes. We don’t feel the need to have a ‘points scheme’ as it is simply just that ‘a scheme’ as there will always be an inflated cost somewhere when it comes to these kinds of promotions. Instead, everyone is a member everyday when they shop at Scoop Wholefoods and the best part is that you don’t have to give us your private information in return for a plastic card (that will most certainly one day end up in landfill). It’s another win for your pockets and for the planet!